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Shipping from A to B

There is nothing more frustrating than shipping a product across country only to have it received damaged. Lost is the cost of manufacturing, shipping and your time.

Offshore manufacturers commonly use substandard packaging as they are trying to save on material and space. They rely on the product being containerized eliminating multiple handling. Still the motion of the ship combined with moving around the docks and roads cause movement which leads to damage and 6 to 8 weeks for replacements.

Most North American manufacturers use cardboard containers or gaylords stapled to skids. This is a slightly better method however it still is substandard if you want problem free shipping.

At Trans National we use the tried and true method, wooden crates screwed to pallets. All our crates are first lined with one inch Styrofoam sheeting. We then corner, bubble wrap and stretch wrap our product before placing it in the crate. Each crate is designed to be stacked and where warranted we ship in dedicated truck/trucks. This method has, to date, given us a perfect shipping record.

So the next time you receive product and open the box only to find a damaged product think of us and how we can make your job easier. Our competitions packaging method is not cheaper for the client just cheaper for them.

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