• Larson Juhl

Stacked Moulding

Stacking a combination of mouldings is a framing technique that has been used for centuries. Whether you visit a museum or an antique shop, you are likely to spot a variety of examples.

The reasons for stacking may have been to add to the overall scale of the frame or possibly to achieve a specific profile shape or even depth.

Those same reasons for stacking may apply today, but with all of the moulding choices we have now, stacking is generally used to obtain an even more customized look.

Using depth to add visual interest is necessary when framing a dimensional object, but it can also be desirable when art lacks its own perspective and you want to add visual interest. Whether you are using spacers or multiple mats adding dimension is a great way to draw attention to the art.

When framing a 3D object or jersey choices of deep frames tend to be limited to black or white. Utilizing a narrow black frame in combination with wider shallow on dramatically increases your design selection. The outer edge of the deep black frame creates a finished look from the side view.

Both of these types of customization, stacking mouldings and adding depth, can be helpful in creating unique and beautiful designs.

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