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Live a little greener

There are many options available that help to reduce ones carbon footprint. The first and easiest for Americans and Canadians is to by a North American made product. Less fuel consumed to transport the product is just the beginning.

North American manufacturers are subject to not only worker related regulation but environmental guidelines as well. This combined with higher productivity and more advanced manufacturing techniques help with further reductions. North American produces less than 1/2 of the carbon emissions of China.

The fashion world has what is known as "fast fashion". The latest look pumped out over a short period of time from offshore factories. The quality is low and the garment is designed to last for 3 to 4 months. This is the easiest way to increase your carbon footprint.

The same applies to decor. When you buy a product that is designed to last it stays out of the landfill, it does not decompose to create methane and it is not replaced consuming another tree.

Think of the little black and white Chanel dress, quality lasts and a properly designed product looks good forever. The same goes for a black frame with a white top mat and a black sub mat, classic and clean. The benefits are not just in saving money but in reducing consumption and waste.

Like most industries framers offer products that are FSC, PEFC, and SFI certified. Some products are made from recycled materials others from sustainable forests. All are considered green but always think of quality and longevity as the best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to reduce consumption.

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