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IKEA...not MEA

I use IKEA as an example however there are many retailers and dotcoms that sell the same inexpensive ready made picture frames. If you want a simple clean look to decorate your home or private office these may be perfect. If you are decorating any location where traffic and temperature variances exist you might want to think again.

Busy spaces have not just temperature and humidity variances but structural vibration and movement. Lower end frames tend to be constructed of pressed paper and wrapped with a thin foil layer that gives a wood like or metallic finish, both materials react poorly to a busy environment. The problems that develop are sagging moulding and/or corner failure. Pressed paper is usually found in products from China where the use it for numerous products including tables tops.

Medium-density fiberboard or MDF is another low priced alternative. There are numerous manufacturer's in North America and their products are superior to pressed paper. MDF will handle the demands of commercial use but like pressed paper it is a fiber based product with a wrapped finish so corners can be an issue and touch up is a little more difficult.

This brings us to wood which is the source material for both MDF and pressed paper. Properly treated and finished wood will hold up in almost any environment with little or no maintenance. Damage is usually easily fixed and the product's lifetime can be over a century.

If you have not guessed by now this article is not about cheap frames but about the materials used to make them. Pressed paper usually lasts a couple of years, MDF about five to ten years whereas wood can last a lifetime. When you amortize the purchase cost the value price frame can cost you ten dollars a year whereas the pricier wood frame only pennies per annum.

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