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Gallery Wraps

A gallery wrap canvas is a common choice for many larger hotel projects. The look is clean, simple and less expensive than a stretched canvas with a frame.

The biggest issue with stretched canvases is that most print on demand services use thin embossed 100% polyester. This product tends to slacken after it is stretched and over the lifetime of the guestroom the hot and cold cycle worsens the situation. Poly/cotton blend canvas, although more expensive, tends to lessen the issue.

We use poly/cotton canvas but have added a process where we glue our canvas to a millboard lined with a stretcher. This creates a long lasting product that has no slump regardless of temperature variances.

The millboard method also eliminates potential damage during shipping and when hanging as an object pushing against the canvas cannot stretch the fabric. The addition of millboard can also slow combustibility and burn time. An alternative but less effective method is to use Gator or foamboard.

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