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Picture Hanging Systems

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

If you go to your local picture framer chances are your picture will be hung by the standard wire and hook method. This system is fine in areas that are not seismically active and for none commercial applications. If your project is in a seismically active area or in a commercial application the below method is recommended.

Designing a project such as a hotel or office where theft or liability issues could arise the preferred method is either three point security hangers, "Z" bar system or a combination of the two. Both systems are a little more expensive than the standard wire and hook method but less expensive than a lawsuit. The added benefit is after installation there is no requirement to straighten pictures.

The "Z" bar is known by several names "Z" clip, French cleat, wall cleat and many more. All serve the same function; are simple to level and install. Half of the "Z" bar is installed at the top of the frame and simply slides over the other half that mounts to the wall. If you add one security hanger with a "T" locking screw centered at the bottom of the frame your art or mirror is locked in place.

Designer's should take note that properly installed "Z" bar is one continuous strip radiating across the frame equal distance from the center not two small pieces at either end. The later is commonly found in lower end products manufactured offshore.

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