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Art for the Bathroom

The choice of media varies from project to project; canvas, paper, wood, metal or acrylic. The consideration has to be how the choice will handle excessive moisture and extreme temperature changes.

Acrylic and metal mounted with metal standoffs would weather the moisture without without warping however cleaning becomes an issue as it could cause premature wear to the inks.

Paper and wood both tend to absorb moisture and can warp. Wood can develop cracks from the constant shrinking and expanding. Paper can be mounted to mill board which will slow the failure rate but the risk of warping or bubbling still exists.

This brings us to canvas. A canvas can be mounted in many ways. The most common, for the hospitality industry, is gluing it to mill board and then stretched over a bar. This method works well in low moisture areas but for a bathroom it can still fail as the canvas tends to be a lower grade 100% poly fiber that does not breath or shrink. It can expand with heat and the temperature variances can cause the glue to fail.

The best option is stretching a cotton blend canvas over an open bar with no backing. This allows the canvas to breath eliminating mildew. Also the canvas shrinks as it dries keeping a tight and is, for my money the best option. It can be combined with a frame and liner or a simple gallery wrap.

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