Shipping from A to B

There is nothing more frustrating than shipping a product across country only to have it received damaged. Lost is the cost of manufacturing, shipping and your time. Offshore manufacturers commonly use substandard packaging as they are trying to save on material and space. They rely on the product being containerized eliminating multiple handling. Still the motion of the ship combined with moving around the docks and roads cause movement which leads to damage and 6 to 8 weeks

Selecting the Right Picture Frame

Selecting the right picture frame is as important as selecting the right artwork when designing a piece of hotel art. The choice ranges from thousands of profiles in wood, metal or poly each of which can create a distinct look. Below I discuss the pros and cons of the materials when framing a picture that requires glass. Poly Frames Cost wise poly is generally the the most budget friendly. It offers a diverse range of profiles and widths. Many mouldings are indistinguishable

Glass vs Acrylic/Plexi

Designers have many factors to consider when choosing a glazing option for picture framing. Do I use glass or acrylic when designing a hotel project? The thought process is different and can be approached from many directions. At first thought acrylic, unlike glass, is not prone to damage often caused in shipping. Damaged product can create delays in the completion of projects and at a minimum cause some rooms to be unsellable. The key, which is more prevalent amongst North A